The Glow Up from Child to Adult during a Global Pandemic

It was quite the healing journey to get to 2020. Little did I know a virus called COVID19 was waiting to unleash death and disease onto the world. Shutting it down with a mandatory “stay at home” order a month before my 30th birthday. Everyone knows how this feels now that we are well past a year into this pandemic, it sucked, and seeing the bright side to entering my thirties in quarantine was a challenge. It was also an adjustment to say goodbye to my big houseboat celebration on Lake Powell in Arizona with friends and family, even getting coffee from my favorite coffee shop was deeply missed.

As we all navigated our way to find this new normal, I had to come to terms with entering the real “adult threshold.” The day I turned 30 I felt an overwhelming sneaker wave of anxiety come over me and I had a sudden jolt of fear to launch something, clinging to whatever I could to be the twenty-something founder to prove myself and my worth to the world. The idea of “getting old” and becoming “useless” and losing value hit me like a ton of bricks that day. I was home alone frantically making these “red bracelets” just to have something “launched.” Little did I know this was all premature and as silly as I was to think I can control everything in life, the universe had other plans to teach me; you can’t rush masterpieces.

Even science is proving this concept. Aside from the 30s being the best decade of life, it’s also the period where we hit our cognitive peak and can connect dots for groundbreaking ideas that change the world. For instance, I had a huge philosophical thought pop into my head during a workshop where the climax for life is death, and post-death is the downward curve where our soul learns peace and serenity. Aside from our brain enhancements and upgrades, we also reach peak fitness stamina and sexual performance while in our 30s. Science is definitely proving you do seem to have it all when you are 30, you’re wiser, healthier, and have disposable income to buy whatever you desire within spending limits of course. 

Other things I have learned personally so far in my early 30s:  

  1. KID FOG: Just like we have brain fog and COVID fog, welcome to kid fog, where the realization that you are in the last window of your biological clock to have children from 30-35 adds a whole new layer of stress to the dating game. 
  2. Adult Things: There is a mental shift that happens where you want to grow up and take charge of your life through commitment, accountability, and ownership of who you are. 
  3. Confidence Booster: Fearless, Bold, and DGAF are big themes for my 30s so far, and as a coworker once told me, your tolerance for BS goes way down as you realize your worth. Instead of waiting for a seat at the table, you just sit down. 
  4. Self-care: Your focus on yourself and taking care of your mind, body, and soul amplifies in your 30s and leads to mindful routines like bedtime by 10 PM PT and staying hydrated throughout the day. 

While it is great being in my best decade of life, I would like to believe that the best is yet to come and it’s far into the future as we cultivate patience, because who thought this would be hard, letting go of control and allowing life to just happen. The work is far from over and is just the beginning, so to make the most of any decade of life you are in, book a session with me today! Let’s make life worthwhile and fulfilling at any age! What decade of life did or do you enjoy the most? Comment below!