Making Work Fun Again

The pandemic of 2020 revealed two distinct choices for people to change or not. The main message of mental health was clear because change starts in our minds. The alignment between mind, body, and soul is true transformation. Now in 2021, we’re currently being pushed to step up and evolve or avoid the inevitable change by staying the same. As the author, Yung Pueblo wrote, “Happiness is: the freedom that comes when you stop constantly craving for more and when you can embrace change without fear.” Helping people find happiness and fulfillment is why JessBeingSavage is here. 

I created this digital platform to spread insight & self-discovery one story at a time for inspiration & self-transformation that benefits our greater planet. This intention of helping people heal from their suffering and evolve through forgiveness, courage, and compassion is work that I am proud to do. To build trust, safety, and space where I can help take some of the heavy emotional load off with you is why I am the bridge between business and spiritual.  

Late one night talking with a friend post-breakup, I was jumping into the deep end of this idea and “my life’s work” theory. After a heartfelt, passionate pitch, his reply simply was, “don’t make it work.” and his words play in my head to this very day. It’s why people avoid themselves and don’t do this much-needed work of self. 

I get it growth, transformation & change can be scary things because they’re challenging, uncomfortable, and even painful at times, but who says you can’t have fun in this process of evolution. The very concept of “fun” invokes images of the exact opposite like relaxation, pleasure, joy, bliss, happiness, play, creativity, and imagination, which ignites the inspirational light bulb in our heads. Fun is often overlooked and left out of many critical conversations when in fact, it should be brought into every single discussion “how do we make fun a part of our every day?” 

Being the life of this party, this is where I can help ease life’s transitions, bring some fun and prepare you for 2022 and beyond. This new age we are all waking up in is one of mindset evolution where we move from the masculine of being right to the feminine of getting it right. Consider me your fairy godmother through this very turbulent time. I even dressed up one year for Halloween as one. You’ll have to ask me during our session about my pink hair. We begin to quiet the conscious mind and open up to our subconscious mind through dancing, sound meditations, cards, and crystals. In this physical and mental state of relaxation, we find your story and ikiagi, your reason for being. Fun is in this space of pause to breathe, respond, and choose when you know who you are and what you want. You only have to focus on one thing during our time together, you, what could be more fun?! This work ensures you are ready and confident enough to receive it when it comes, the lessons, gifts, visions, and guides. Happiness lies in the choice of being fearless to be who you are in this present moment. The centered, grounded sense of self and awareness creates deeper relationships through clear, direct, and honest communication. What I have learned from experts recently is that this is the new kindness: clear communication. 

Putting these childhood intuitive talents once dismissed as “judgment” to work, I want to ultimately help people move from stage 3 to stage 5 in Dr. Robert Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development. In 2017, 58% of adults were in stage 3, the socialized mind, and only 1% were in stage 5, the self-transforming mind. The socialized mind is fixed on external beliefs, ideas, and norms versus the self-transforming mind in a constant state of change through the experiences and interactions we have in life. In this state of mind, we begin to question both authority and ourselves, hold multiple ideologies like being both good and bad, and our identities are not fixed as it continually shifts with our life circumstances. This mindset is where we can accomplish The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream where we are all judged by the content of our character. As the line between personal and professional disappears with mental health conversations becoming normalized emotional and cultural intelligence will be non-negotiables for any future candidate. 

Consider me your go-to surgeon to provide this surgery of the soul through stories that create our identities and lead to that sacred state of flow, creation, and manifestation. Using my gift of insight and connection we’ll bring the pieces of your life together to paint the bigger picture of why you are here and plant the seeds of human potential. Now, what do you want to grow? Let’s connect and talk through what is next for yourself!